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Darryl Boustead

God Has More Than Provided For Me

I have to take medication in the evening and until this amazing thing happened recently, it used to ‘knock me out’ until midday and I thought I couldn’t have a life in the mornings because I was still asleep until noon most days.

I then a had a revelation, which I believe was God inspired. I realised that if I take my tablets no later than 7pm, I am drowsy by the time it’s ‘normal’ bedtime, have a decent sleep and I can get up in the mornings now. This is especially useful on Sundays as I have more time to worship, practice my guitar and I can get to Church.

On other days, I am in good time for my afternoon shifts of voluntary work and it’s now a possibility that I could to do a morning shift of some description!  It has also helped with my eating patterns and enabled some weight loss for my sister’s wedding.

Darryl Boustead

Susan Ravel

My year with Cancer

About a year ago I discovered a lump which turned out to be cancerous. I then had surgery followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

When I got the initial news I shared it with a few close friends and I knew that my Christian friends would immediately start praying for me!

I have no idea how anyone would be able to receive such a diagnosis and go through the necessary treatment for cancer without God in their life.

During the whole process from discovering the lump, receiving the diagnosis, having surgery and going through the treatment regime, I’ve never felt abandoned by God or that He didn’t love me.  I know that this is entirely due to the prayers made on my behalf.

I am eternally grateful to everyone for not only welcoming me into our King’s Church family but most of all for accepting me just as I am – flaws and all!

I would also like to express my gratitude to our Church family who have given us the gift of their time to help us out in practical ways, which in turn has greatly assisted me through my recovery.

Susan Ravel

Malcolm and Pauline

We decided to leave the village of Plumbland, which has no amenities, and move to the Keswick area so that Malcolm could walk in the hills and I could look at them!

We put our house on the market in July and began our search for houses in the Keswick area. We came to the conclusion in September that we couldn’t afford what we wanted and so turned our sights to the Cockermouth area.

On June 3rd, I had read Psalm 121 in my Bible reading and it also cropped up in the non-fiction novel I was reading that night. I grasped the promise that ‘I will lift up my eyes to the hills’ and kept it in my heart.

On coming to the decision to move to Cockermouth I was devastated and spent most of the night crying out to God.  He comforted me and told me that He wanted us in Cockermouth (where we already had friends, more friends than we realised), not surrounded by holidaymakers and strangers.

We offered on a house but found a better one for less. As we drove to view it I remarked to Malcolm how every house had been viewed in sunshine but this day was drizzling. On arriving in Cockermouth it was sunshine again so I dismissed the muse. However, as the Estate agent stood with us in the kitchen discussing our desire to buy it there was a great flash of lightening and loud rumble of thunder and a downpour of rain! She and I looked at each other and she joked about it being a sign. (That ‘sign’ was what kept me going through the long process of buying and selling.) We left the premises in bright sunshine.

Despite hiccups and delays we eventually moved into our lovely new home. What a wonderful blessing it has been. A small garden, a warm, light and quiet home with great neighbours and the best view in Cockermouth of the fells. Praise God for His love and care, He who gives us the desires of our hearts and then provides those desires.